ROS2 on AGX Xavier

I’d like to start to port my ROS1 based solution on a AGX Xavier to ROS2. Is anyone running ROS2 on the Xavier? I’ve also seen that the next release of ROS2 Foxy Fitzroy is targeting Ubuntu 20.04. L4T R32.4.2 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 - any idea when we can expect L4T based on 20.04?


I cannot answer, but I saw something you might find of interest:

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I gave it a short try. It seems installable on AGX Xavier using default Ubuntu installation instructions.


I also can confirm that Autoware.Auto installs somehow on AGX. It is also ROS2 based

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I am running ROS 2 on my Nano which I imagine would be the same for my new Xavier but I will let you know this weekend.

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you may also build a ros container based on l4t; to run it on nano with nvidia docker. there default aarch ros containers run, but have some issue with libGL


Confirmed, running ROS2 on Xavier with no issues.

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Thank you for sharing.

FYI, here is a Dockerfile for building ROS2 Foxy on L4T R32.4 (Ubuntu 18.04):

Thank you for the update!
I did not try the foxy on Jetson as it would seem to require 20.04,

but I used to test ROS2 dashing container with realsense

recently Intel seem revoked support for ROS2 realsense though

In my experience Foxy doesn’t require 20.04, that’s just what the ROS maintainers provide the pre-built binaries for. So in that Dockerfile I built it from source for 18.04.