Linux 20.04 LTS support in future L4T


Are there any plans to support Linux 20.04 LTS in the following L4T releases?


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That’s under planning, but no clear schedule yet, the 1st SW release for Xavier NX will still be Ubuntu 18.04.

Would be very interested in this to get ROS Noetic working on the Xavier NX. Is there a clearer schedule now?

Joining the question as well, as ROS Noetic only supports Ubuntu 20.04

I would really appreciate that, especially for running Python3 in ROS noetic. Also a newer Kernel would good to make use of modern hardware…

Hello, have anyone try Ubuntu 20.04 with ROS noetic on jetson xavier NX successfully?

I built ROS Foxy from source for 18.04 in this Dockerfile -

I will try the Dockerfile for ROS Noetic next. The one for ROS Foxy worked by just following the ROS build instructions.

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Here is a Dockerfile for building ROS Noetic from source for 18.04 on JetPack 4.4:

See the readme from for instructions on building the containers.