ROS2 and Jetpack

I would like to know when Nvidia will be jumping to the present and providing support for Ubuntu 22.x, as newer ubuntu realeases do suport ROS2 LTS.

I understand thet some docker images might work but native support is vital for product develoment of robotics for citical applications

it is unbelievable that we still using Ubutu 18 on JetPack and even movinf to newer jetpack with Ubutu 20.4 is a very slow step, knowing thet this version is old and does not support ROS2

Hi @henry.acevedo, JetPack 5.0 for Xavier/Orin supports 20.04 and ROS2 Foxy (which at this time is the latest ROS2 LTS released)

Also, rather than be restricted to the particular version that ROS distributes binaries for, you can always just build ROS2 from source like I do in my containers here.

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