Can Nvidia Xavier Board Support Ubuntu 22.04?

Hello. We are receiving a Nvidia Xavier development board in the next few days. Online it appears it will come with Ubuntu OS version 20.04. We are investigating using ROS2 Humble on it so we want to check if we can upgrade Ubuntu on the Xavier to version 22.04? If so, is there a link or document outlining the process NVIDIA recommends? Thank you. Tammy

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Also interested in running ROS2 rolling on Xavier. What’s the est for jetpack running ubuntu 22? Or is there any pointer for creating custom image for xavier?

Or has anyone successfully run/build ros2 rolling on ubuntu 20?



It looks like this was posted in the wrong forum, it should have been posted in the Jetson Category. I have moved it over for visibility.

See here for pre-built ROS2 container images and Dockerfiles for JetPack:

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