Ros Noetic on Jetson Xavier

I am trying to run ROS Noetic on my Jetson Xavier. I found the images from @dusty_nv at

I tried both the pre-build and rebuilding and I am not able to install additional ros packages in containers. The issue is already reported here:

and here:

but it seems like it has not received a lot of attention.

The goal would be to simply install any ros package from apt in a container. As of now, the package for ROS Melodic are available (i.e. for ubuntu 18), but not Noetic.

If this can’t be fixed, what other way are people using to run ROS with python3 on the Jetson ?

Hi @anthony.courchesne, there are no pre-built apt/deb packages for Noetic for 18.04, because ROS only builds them for 20.04. Hence why Noetic/Foxy/ect are built from source as opposed to simply installing the packages like Melodic does.

To install additional ROS packages, you will need to build those from source too. The recommendation is to create your own Dockerfile/container that uses l4t-ros-noetic-pytorch:r32.5 (or similar) as the base image.

Thanks for the help.

you will need to build those from source too.

I understand there are no way to reuse the already built version of noetic for the ros packages ? Rebuilding a package from source is fine, but rebuilding the whole dependency tree from source is tedious and often result in build errors

You should only have to build the packages which have not already been built in the container. There is just no way around this since they aren’t built for 18.04. Here’s an example of using rosinstall_generator and rosdep to build additional packages + dependencies (but not rebuild the entirety of ROS):

That is for ROS2, but I suspect ROS1 should be relatively similar.