ROS support in Jetpack SDK for Jetson Xavier

Hello Team,

We are trying to build a Industrial Autonomous Vehicle using Nvidia Xavier platform.

We are planning to use ROS (Robotics Operating System) for autonomous solution implementation.
Can we use Jetpack with ROS support for this solution?
Is this the right configuration?

Please let me know

you may find some reference at

Since Xavier uses Ubuntu 18.04 you will need to install ROS melodic. Lots of packages aren’t available yet from the apt repo. You will need to add those into your workspace and build along with your code. If you want cuda enabled Opencv with ROS you will need to build Opencv with cuda enabled then build the entire ros melodic distro. I have an ssd mounted to /home/nvidia I built ros in this directory. When nvidia pushes another jetpack you don’t have to reinstall everything that way. Melodic builds no problem. . If you build something and it needs another package just go to that package wiki page where the source link is clone into your workspace and build the workspace. You will probably have to do this anyways for some of the packages. Use python-catkin-tools instead of the catkin_make wrapper. Once you have the workspace directory created enter it and execute catkin init catkin config --extend (path to your melodic install) then catkin build. Its all working fine on my bot. When I flash jetpack I have a couple of other stand alone libs that my ros stack uses rtabmap and octomap so those have to be rebuilt but the melodic distro does not.

Hey I was able to launch ROS melodic into my AGX Xavier Jetpack 4.3 via Docker container, with this

However, I do need to install other ROS packages that are not in apt the repo as you mentioned. I’m quite a beginner at this so I did not understand how I could install packages from the wiki…

For example I need to instal libuvc_camera ( Would guide me on how to install that so I can install other packages such as: libcamera-info-manager-dev & ros-melodic-uvc-camera. Thanks!