Rotary Encoder and Jetson Nano

I’m looking for information/guidance to read data from a rotary encoder with the Jetson Nano. The encoder I’m using is the is the LPD3806-360BM; see below. I can successfully read the signals from the encoder using a Raspberry Pi but wanted to try the Nano. In researching the forums I came across a post outlining the use of a modified python module Gaugette; available from Github. However reading that post I wasn’t sure the result was successful.

If additional hardware is required, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Brian Mc.

We don’t have experience about this device. Would need other users to share guidance/tips.

If it is a sensor input such as YUV camera sensros or USB cameras, a general solution is to capture frames through v4l2 interface. You may check if the device have driver for v4l2 capture.