RTC Alternative connection


I stripped the + contact pad for the tx2 dev board’s RTC supercap, Seiko XH414HG-IV01E. I previously successfully replaced one of my other jetson’s RTC supercap with a Manganese Lithium Coin Battery, Panasonic ML-621S/DN.

What would be the best way to power the RTC using the dev board with the stripped + contact?

Which coin battery would be a better fit for replacing the supercap? The panasonic isn’t ideal in terms of form.

Can I swap the TX2 dev board for a TX1 dev board without having any impact on the TX2?

Also any advice for desoldering the seiko supercap for future jetsons?

I have no advice for most of this, but the carrier for the TX1 and TX2 are the same. Some of the older carrier boards may not have passed through all of the pins as the TX1 carrier, but even in that case everything would function. Most likely any TX1 and TX2 carrier you have will be identical.

The carrier board of TX2 is same as that of TX1. You can swap them without any impact.

Do you mean the + pad of C72 on board is broken and so you wan to know how to power the RTC? If so, you can connect + pole of the battery to R135 on board which can bypass broken + pad of C72.

Thank you linuxdev and Trumany, have swapped the two boards.

I tried connecting to R135. Its contact pad is very small and the solder joint broke off due to the size of the battery. I should have first stabilized the battery with the - pad of C72.