RTC power-off hold for a long time

RTC power-off hold for a long time, such as the unit is year. How to achieve?

hello Ecotron.ai,

may I know what’s the actual use-case, would you like to have RTC Timer for wake-up after a long time?
please have a test as following command-line, you may extent the timestamp to check whether it works for hours or days.
for example, $ sudo rtcwake -t $(date +%s -d ' + 60 seconds') -m off -v

maybe what we need is a hardware solution about RTC battery or capacitor, just like BIOS battery of PC Mainboard, without power it can still work more than one year or many years.

so is there a reference solution on xavier?

Please refer to the reference design to add a big enough battery or super capacitor for it. The current consumption is about 2uA in shutdown, you should be able to calculate the battery needed.

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