RTL8822CE Access Point Mode

Hello, I have a Jetson Nano 8GB dev system with a RealTek 8822CE WIFI card. Is there a way to put the 8822CE (Driver: rtl8822ce.ko) in Access Point mode (AP)? According to “iw” Access Point and Monitor modes are not supported?

I have replaced the rtl8822ce.ko with the rtw88_8822ce module and Access Point Mode works with that driver., even Monitor mode What are the issues with the rtl8822ce.ko?

Also, it appears the rtl8822ce.ko is loaded in initrd. Is there a way for me to take that module out of the initrd process?

Thank you in advance

Jetson Nano and Orin nano are different platforms. Which one are you using?

The NVIDIA Box shows JETSON ORIN NANO. The sdkmanager shows Jetson Orin Nano 8GB.

This board is a Development Kit

Are you able to see the wifi ap setup in the desktop GUI?

We don’t use the AP setup, we use hostapd on all of our platforms. With rtl8822ce not supporting Access Point mode, we are using the rtw88 drivers for the 8822ce WIFI card. The rtw88 drivers are working fine. I have found my issue with the rtl8822ce references and have fixed the issue.