Realtek USB RTL88x2BU as AP

I use the Realtek USB RTL88x2BU as AP on Orin Nano carrier board with Orin NX 8G module. I use ping 1000 times to test the connection quality.
3 devices(HTC U11P, Vivo V29, android Pad) get lots of packet lost, and Destination Host Unreachable. The average of rtt is over 1700ms.
But if I switch it to client, the packet lost is low, and the average of rtt is down to 121 ms.
I have set jetson_clock, and iw wlan0 set power_save off before testing.
Is any idea about this situation ?
Attached are the test results. (3.6 MB)

Do you observe the issue if you use the wifi module in M2 Key-E slot? There is a module in M2 Key-E slot along with Orin Nano carrier board. Would suggest give it a try.

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