RTSP access from internet


I am using deepstream-app with a RTSP sink in order to stream video. I can access that video stream when I am in the same network. However, I need to access it thru the internet.

I have read different solutions using port forwarding, although this is not possible as I don’t have control over the network configuration. Commercial IP cameras autoconfigure themselves without any router configuration so I understand this should be possible.

How could I access that video stream from the internet without port forwarding? Is there any Cloud Provider solution (e.g. AWS) that can help with this?


If you don’t have control of the network configuration you can probably use UPnP to open a port. Many admins leave this door open, though they probably shouln’t. Depending on the network (eg. a university) it’s worth a try. Here’s a foss tool you can use:


Also worth mentioning you’ll want to secure the port you forward with some sort of encryption since RTSP by default is unencrypted. You can forego this if you don’t care. Few options:

  • modify RtspServerSink in the deepstream_app code (or your app code) to use TLS.
  • use something like nginx as a reverse proxy (other recent threads cover this)
  • setup a vpn.

I believe Google will let you forward a port. They’re the only ones i’ve ever used but others probably do as well. Here are some docs from Google:


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Thanks mdegans,

I will take a look those options to see which is more suitable