RTX 3060 Display port

Hi, I have a problem with my rtx 3060 I really don’t know if it’s the GPU. or is it the monitor. The displayport has not recognized me for a few days. display port says no signal
the monitor is an ASUS VG248QE
I have tested it by placing a displayport to HDMI connector.
Testing only the HDMI and it only gives me the 60Hz option.
A few weeks ago I had no problem with the connections I had 2 monitors, one connected to HDMI, and the other to displayport, and after a few days it no longer recognized the 3 displayport ports. reinstall the drivers, reinstall windows all from zero and nothing, still with the same problem.
my question will be, is the monitor no longer compatible with the RTX 3060 ?.
Or the latest updates are generating compatibility problems with these monitors or with the display port
Thank you very much for your answers.
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Hello @Curtistow2 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Your monitor is still supported, that should not be a problem.
Display Port can be rather sensitive to connection issues, so you should definitely check your Display Port cable.
Since you said you reinstalled Windows I also assume you powered off your monitor? If not, that is also something you should do, completely disconnect the monitor from power and then reconnect the Display Port cable, then power. Also if possible try the Display Port connector on the monitor with a different Computer to verify that both monitor and the Display Port cable are working correctly.

HDMI will only support up to 60Hz on the Asus Monitor you listed.

Install Ubuntu 2.10 and upgraded the kernel to 5.15.3 and installed the drivers