RTX 3060 + Ryzen 9 5900 HX: Unable to connect to external outputs


I have a Lenovo Legion S7 laptop (15ACH6) and I’m using Ubuntu. I’m unable to connect to any external output through USB-C. Some info:

  • I’ve tested connecting to Docks with HMDI/DP cables, and connecting directly from USB-C to DP.
  • The issue persists both with hybrid and discrete graphics.
  • I’ve tested multiple nvidia driver versions, from 490 to 525, open and closed versions
  • I’ve tested Ubuntu versions 22.10 and 23.4, with kernels 5.19.0 and 6.2.0.

I’m also attaching the nvidia-bug-report result. Could you please help me wtih this issue?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (333.0 KB)

The dock you had attached when creating the log is a DisplayLink one, i.e. it’s not using the us-c DP but has its own DisplayLink graphics needing drivers.
To test the usb-C DP connection, please create a new log when having a monitor directly attached.