RTX mobile drivers ?

I just got a MSI laptop with an RTX 2070 MAXQ.

Unfortunately, no drivers yet.

The motherboard don’t know what to do with this unknown hardware and maximizes the fan speed.

Needless to say, that thing can be noisy!

Any ETA nvidia ?

Hi Dimitri,

Driver 418.43 added support for 2070 MAXQ.

Release Highlights:

Added support for the following GPU:
GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
GeForce RTX 2070 with Max-Q Design
GeForce RTX 2080 with Max-Q Design


Best regards,

Dear Tom,
Thank you for the link. Dunno why it’s not listed in the driver search.

Anyway, i tried to install the driver, after a successful installation, ubuntu fails into a login loop. I’m not much into tech, i use Ubuntu for work and expect it to work without too much nerd things, so i will just wait for them to add the driver in the official ppa.

Thank you anyway.

Even I’m facing the same issue, tried multiple driver versions but unable to fix login loop issue…

I ended up abandoning Nvidia release, waited, and installed the driver through official Ubuntu PPA.

Guys who “prepared” the driver did a good job, all worked right away.

Hope you can give it a shot

Thank you, I’ll try it

When I install via ppa, it’s messing up with x server it says display driver needs to configured, how to switch x server resources to gpu while installing with ppa?

I’m looking at purchasing a laptop with video card RTX 2070 Super with Max Q but I cannot find this card listed as having Linux support. Is this mobile GPU supported in Linux?

Dunno about the 2070 SUPER, but the 2070 works flawlessly.
If it’s not working yet (which i doubt) it will be fixed fast, since the super version is not very different. Even adding support for 2000 series was fast (and it was more work, because i guess 2000 series is more different from 1000 series, than 2070 super is different from 2070 regular).
Make yourself happy, just buy the damn thing !!

I ordered it. I sure hope it works in Linux!