Are there NVIDIA drivers for the RTX 4070 for Linux?

I can’t find mention of support for the RTX 4070 in the drivers release notes, not even in the beta nor the new feature branch. Does NVIDIA provide Linux drivers for the RTX 4070?

I didn’t see this topic until just now, but if you’re on Ubuntu check out my thread here: RTX 4070 NVIDIA driver, NVIDIA not updating their CUDA repo? and check out this PPA: Proprietary GPU Drivers : “Graphics Drivers” team

You can also find the drivers here: Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver | 530.41.03 | Linux 64-bit | NVIDIA

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I mount my RTX 4070 with 530.41.03 driver on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, but I failed to control the fan. I set fan control and set it to the max, but only a few GPUs are non-zero fan speeds.

Thanks. I have installed drivers 530.41.03 downloaded from the NVIDIA website, the .run file, and those seem to work fine. I have also added ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa but can’t find anything suitable there. Running Ubuntu 22.04.

Yeah, I had to manually download and install the .deb files from that ppa for it to realize it can instead fetch them from the ppa automatically, when I tried installing automatically just from the ppa it kept trying to install the cuda repo drivers instead which are outdated and still on 530.30.02 lol

I usually leave the fan speed on auto, but have just tried to set it manually to the max, and it is working. However, I am running Ubuntu 22.04, the card is an MSI Ventus 2x. See screenshot.

I can see the fan running for 2 out of 8 GPUs, but not for the other 6. I set the fan control correctly, but the fans are just not working for the 6 GPUs. Mine is PNY VERTO Dual RTX 4070s. I reordered the position, but 6 out of 8 GPUs are not working. I tested it on different 4 GPUs, and it always works up to 2 fans.

God bless you all. I’ve been holding on using my new machine with a rtx 4070ti because I wasn’t able to make the linux drivers to work. After the info posted here I am able to. For some reason I could not find the latest driver you suggested on this thread. I installed it and everything works fine now it seems.

Thank you very much!

I had the same issue on MX linux (Debian based) and the Devs there reported back

"so the pci ID for the 4070 RTX (10DE2786 according to the nvidia-detect output) is not present in the nvida pci id lists. Not sure why if the drivers are working.

nvidia drivers updated yesterday to 525.105, but still no new pci id information as far as I can see. same for the 530 drivers.

I’m a little perplexed by this. A part with a pci id of 2786 doesn’t even show up in the nvidia linux driver supported products list that is published by nvidia. there are 4070s, but not one with that pci id. the closest is a rtx 4070 ti, with a pci id of 2782."

Make of that what you will :) all gobble-de-geek to me.

Manually installing the 525 driver and blacklisting nouveau via terminal commands worked fine. using the Ubuntu-drivers method does not work. You get the same problem of it does not find anything.

Hope this helps track it down better.

Drivers version 535.43.02 are finally available on APT for the RTX 4070, I have installed them and they performs as expected, with the Unigine graphics benchmark and training YOLOv5.