RTX Remix

hi! just 2 questions about RTX Remix.
1: if RTX Remix can be used with games that use DirectX 9.0, can you use it with DirectX 9.0 EX?
2: will there be support for more DirectX versions?

just some questions

Hello pantantuna,

As you can see on the official RTX Remix landing page, this tool has no official release yet. As soon as that is out, there will also be extensive documentation and FAQ to answer most questions coming up. I already reached out to the group and shared your questions with them.

For now all I can say is that it should cover all of the DX9 spec, but there is no sample available or testing done right now for DX9 EX specifically.

At the moment Remix supports DX8 and DX9 technology. Support for more versions is still under discussion.

I hope this helps!

just another question, will rtx remix come out at the same time as portal rtx?

also have they tested DX9 EX? (I want to make Sonic Generations RTX)

The Remix RTX Portal version will come out this week, you can join the official launch party on Twitch or Steam tomorrow!

You can ask there as well about general availability of RTX Remix, but I think that they will answer the same as I that you should sign up for release notification on our dedicated Remix page.

On DX9 EX I don’t have any information to share.


hello, since portal RTX has been released, why hasn’t RTX remix come out yet?

just a question

also, I forgot about asking about rtx remix so I didn’t ask them, can you tell me, please?

Oh that is easy to answer. Portal RTX was done in house by our own engineers. It was quite an effort and a way to try out Remix before giving it out. That means now comes the work to polish Remix and guarantee great user experience once it is released.

Thanks for your patience!