RTX3060 along side Quadro P1000 for machine learning in MS Windows 11

I just purchased an Nvidia RTX3060 to use or machine learning and artificial intelligence. I couldn’t get my freebie legacy Tesla K40c to be detected for a MS Windows install with Anaconda and WSL2 confguration for machine learning.

My question to the development team is, is my RTX3060 fully compatible with the latest Nvidia GPU driver, CUDA Toolkit, CuDNN, Nvidia Control Panel, and Anaconda for machine learning development with Python and Jupyter Notebooks? Will it be detected by Python?

If you have a cookbook to setup and configure my RTX3060 GPU in MS Windows 11 then I’ll be sure to follow it fully because it’s very painful to setup in Windows to get it working with my Tesla K40c headless GPU.

Thanks and I really enjoy using Nvidia products like the Jetson embedded solutions and own the stock.

Hello! Yes, this combination (RTX 3060) is fully supported in CUDA, WSL2, cuDNN, etc. I use an RTX 3090 on one of my personal systems for similar. However, your other GPU is a Kepler architecture GPU which is deprecated and won’t be recognized by modern drivers, so you wouldn’t be able to use that one with modern CUDA. The last driver release that supported it was R470, from back in 2021.

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Thank you so very much for your detailed reply and clarification to my question. I’m so glad I participated in today’s AMA and I am more confident now to get everything fully working later this week when I have time long enough to configure it and test it with your answer. :-)

Thanks for participating. Feel free to take the opportunity to post new questions.

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