running multiple rtsp streams on tx2


i know that tx2 is advertised to run multiple rtsp stream for object detection. i have tried running two rtsp using opencv, but it was very taxing.

i want to know if this is only possible using deepstream or is it possible to achieve without deepstream? in other words, is there a way to use the hardware accelerated plugins used in deepstream outside of it?

We would suggest use DeepStream SDK, since it is optimized.
For multiple RTSP sources, you may refer to config file in

Hi DaneLLL,

i have tried using deepstream and i struggled in making it run my rtsp streams, i give up on it for now. i just want to know if it is possible to use the hardware acceleration for video decoding outside of deepstream. also my application is so fine tuned, so i am not sure if deepstream can fulfill all my needs.


Have you tried DS4.0.1?
We have certain fix for RTSP sources in DS4.0.1. You may give it a shot.

If you don’t need deep learning inferences, you can check gstreamer guide: