Running Nsight profiling on code within Docker container

Hello, I am trying to run the Nsight Systems profiler on some code I have inside a Docker container. I am not sure what’s the correct way to do that.

  1. I tried to run the profiler on the nano inside the container but the nano just freezes, is the nano supposed to be able to run it? or is it a problem in my code?
  2. I also saw someone suggesting to run the profiler on a remote host and run the code on the nano remotely, but how do I do that if the code is inside a container?

If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it

There are a couple of resources I am going to point you at. There is a blog post that I wrote on using Nsys in containers and the cloud - Using NVIDIA Nsight Systems in Containers and the Cloud | NVIDIA Technical Blog

There is also documentation on running in docker at User Guide :: Nsight Systems Documentation (that’s a direct link to the section on running in Docker, this interface just munges the name poorly).

Hey, thanks a lot for the links. I tried reading through them, however, I didn’t find a way to connect Nsight from a remote desktop to a container that is running on the Nano (that might be because I didn’t fully understand everything, I’m pretty new to using Docker and Nsight). Is that possible? I’m asking this because when I run Nsight on the Nano inside the container the Nano freezes, or takes a few hours to finish.

Thanks again for the help

I’m not too familiar with the combination of Docker and Nano, let me loop in a tegra expert.

@Andrey_Trachenko to answer or assign.