Installing Nsight Systems in Docker Container

I am trying to install nsight systems in my docker image file so that I can run the nsys profile command in the docker image. I am following the outlines that Lei Mao explains in his blog: Nsight Systems In Docker - Lei Mao's Log Book, but when implementing this methodology, nsys does not exist on the docker image. I have tried to search for the nsys executable inside the container but nothing shows up. What am I missing?

Interesting, I didn’t know that blog existed.

The author used the blog post I wrote on using Nsys in containers as one of his references, and unfortunately that blog has been pulled as we have made improvements.

See our documentation on container and scheduler support - User Guide — nsight-systems 2024.4 documentation
(it’s a direct link, the forum software just munges it).

Thanks for the reference but looking through the documentation I am still a bit confused.

I have figured out how to enable the perf_event_call but am confused about the docker run command that is referenced. Do I need to install something in order to call nvidia-docker run command? I checked online and people have said that command has been deprecated and to instead use the Nvidia Container toolchain. However, the Nvidia Container toolchain user guide fails to show how to add the toolchain into a docker image.

Is there some other documentation I can look at?