runtime api error cudasafecall()


i have already posted a thread about getting an runtime api error, but i posted in cuda developement section, i didnt get any solution

so i thought i’ll try in this section too, so pls go through the below link

i have latest display drivers installed for quadro fx 1500, im using windows xp x64bit and vs 2005

and let me know if you have any solution



I have exactly the same error. I tried again with CUDA 3.0 installed and I encounter a different problem, CudaDeviceQuery says that there isn’t a CUDA compatible device. CUDA 3.1 just shows the device error. If you look at the specification for CUDA it looks like my device (1400) and indeed your device isn’t actually supported. The latest driver for mine says it has CUDA 3.1 support, but that may be just a generic driver.

How annoying! Let me know if you have any revelations.