SDF and convex hull collision bounces

Hi Forum, seeing issues getting panels picked up without them bouncing up. The collision models is for the panel SDF and for the arms convex hull. Do you know what could be the issue? Below is what I have tried without succes:

  • Increase timestep from 60 to 200 (the video is at 200 and has not improved the collision significantly).
  • Add material to the arms and to the panel to add friction and sticky-ness.
  • Increased linear and angular dampening for the panel body.
  • Decreased speed of arm lift significantly.
  • Default all armature values for the lift to 0 to remove the possibility of inertia being ‘carried’ into the panel.
  • Sanity checked by changing the panel to convex hull - which seems to work well but is not applicable to the project we are working on.

I cannot upload the mp4 here, instead here is a link to the video in the isaac sim channel on the official omniverse discord:

We have already looked through forum posts and the official docs for collisions, but please let us know if you think we missed something crucial.

Hi @scn, I suspect it is the resolution of the tray. SDF collision currently limits the number of collisions per triangle of a dynamic body to one. So for better collision behavior, you could consider increasing the triangle resolution using subdivision.

Another option is to add a convex collider in addition to the SDF that covers the pickup areas. We use a similar approach in some of our demos where we use the fidelity of SDF where needed, and the robustness of convex colliders for other collision scenarios that don’t need as much detail.

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