sdhci driver fail : mmc2: Command INDEX error,intmask: c0000

A MicoSD card ia connected to TX1 in our customerized carry board. It fail at kernel startup:

mmc2: tuning_window[0]:0x0
mmc2: tuning_window[1]:0x0
mmc2: tuning_window[2]:0x0
mmc2: tuning_window[3]:0x0
mmc2: tuning_window[4]:0x0
mmc2: tuning_window[5]:0x0
mmc2: tuning_window[6]:0x0
mmc2: tuning_window[7]:0x0
sdhci: Tap value:4 |Trim value:2
sdhci: SDMMC Interrupt status : 0x00040000
sdhci: ===========================================================================================
mmc2: Command INDEX error,intmask: c0000 Interface clock = 102000000Hz
sdhci: =========================== REGISTER DUMP (mmc2)===========================================
sdhci: Sys addr[0x000]: 0x00000000 | Version[0x0fe] : 0x00000303
sdhci: Blk size[0x004]: 0x00000000 | Blk cnt[0x006]: 0x00000000
sdhci: Argument[0x008]: 0x00000000 | Trn mode[0x00c]: 0x00000000
sdhci: Present[0x024]: 0x000b0001 | Host ctl[0x028]: 0x00000001
sdhci: Power[0x029]: 0x0000000f | Blk gap[0x02a]:0x00000000
sdhci: Wake-up[0x02b]:0x00000000 | Clock[0x02c]: 0x0000ff07
sdhci: Timeout[0x02e]: 0x00000000 } Int stat[0x030]: 0x00000000
sdhci: Int enab[0x034]: 0x00ff0003 | Sig enab[0x038]:0x00fcc0003
sdhci: Cmd[0x00e]: 0x0000371a | Max curr[0x048]:0x00000000
sdhci: ADMA Err[0x054]: 0x00000000 | ADMA Ptr[0x058]: 0x00000000

sch 040 TX1_A_PCIe.pdf (91.7 KB)

Please share the schematics for us to review.

Hi Wayne,
Could I attach any pdf file or JPG picture?


You could paste it in google drive or any online storage.

Sorry Marco. Per checked with our internal team, we cannot help forum users to review schematics.

Could you make sure your design matches the OEM design guide?

Now it work! Thank you Wayne.