SDIO/ PCIe functionality difference


Working on a carrier board design for the Orin NX using the P3509-A01 design, which should be pin compatible with the Orin NX. But I see that the Orin NX SoM has different pin functionality for the SDMMC pins (#221, #223, #225, #227, #227) than Xavier NX has.

Xavier NX: SDIO/SD
Orin NX: PCIe

Can these pins be used as SDIO with the Orin NX?

Jetson Orin NX & Jetson Orin Nano series modules are not pin-compatible with Jetson Xavier NX series modules, but you can design a carrier board for the I/Os they have in common, such that both modules are supported. Please refer to the comparison doc for detail. For Orin NX design, please follow Orin NX Design Guide in DLC.

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