SDK 1.1 requires width to be a multiple of 160?

I have noticed that unless the width is a multiple of 160,
I get different flows for the same input.

Is this indeed so?

Is it different with SDK 2.0?


Can you reconfirm the observation is related to ‘width is a multiple of 160’ or setting of ‘disableTemporalHints’ in the application?


Yes I do.
When I run the application( as an outside utility) on an image with a width multiple of 160 I get the exact same results.
However, when the width is not a multiple of 160, but say a multiple of 80, like width 240, I get different results.
For example, I run the application, and store the results.
Then I recompile the code, or add some GPU computation so as to change the GPU memory. Then, I get different results.
Let me note that this does not happen with the height parameter.
Whenever it is a multiple of 4 it works fine.
I am referring to the sample SDK code.
Best Ilan