SDK Manager Flashes new Jetpack 4.2 correctly but then cannot install SDK Components

I use SdkManager on Virtual Box(6.0) for Jetson Nano.

I downloaded “File System and OS” image success but after boot(because of install other components(CUDA…)) USB connection fail.

lsusb command has no Nvidia device on Ubuntu(18.04) in Virtual Box.

so I check USB cable and connection state and found Windows10 driver problem.

When I connect a usb cable to Host(Windows10 and VirtualBox), control pannel device(CDC ECM) fail on Windows10.

I try to find driver and Windows update but failed.

How can I fix it?

Host PC(Windows10 - Virtual Box - Ubuntu 18.04)
Target(Jetson Nano)

VM is not officially supported because USB device has problem when attaching to VM. LAN IP address will be supported in future releases.

For those attempting to install the components from a VM, make sure the device is visible to the guest OS.

From VMWare Player, select Player -> Removable Devices -> NVidia Linux for Tegra -> Connect (Disconnect from host).