Sdkmanager install drive software 10.0 issue

Thanks for letting us know.
Please create another topic for the issue and attach a file with all logs under ~/.nvsdkm. Thanks.

@VickNV I think we are on the wrong track. My purpose is to do nsight profiling on drive os 5.1. It seems that the 2019.3 and the 2021.1 both have the same problem failing on cuda injection initialization. I think the problem is on the target machine, and we do not need to try to fix the 2019 nsight problem which involves too many client-server problems. I think we shall focus on the why the cuda injection failure. If that is the case, we can close this issue and focus on that problem.

Did you reply to the wrong topic? This is for DRIVE Software 10.0 installation issue.

@VickNV I mean we can close this issue if it does not relate to the profiling. We do not need the host to do the profiling. Using 2021.3 on the target we can do the profiling too

Sorry, I lost.
This topic is to make you reflash your target system successfully.
But if you think don’t need it to clarify the night issue now, we can always come back later when necessary.

BTW, please always create a new topic for a new issue. It will be clearer. Thanks.

@VickNV So you still think that the problem is the target system? We have several 5.1 and several 5.2, all 5.1 does not work, but all 5.2 works with the same host. I do not think that all the 5.1 system is not right. What is your idea?

I didn’t know you tried with DRIVE OS 5.2 and it was working.
Please share the details in Nsys cannot collect cuda information on Drive OS 5.1 (if this is still an issue, we should discuss there).

@VickNV OK, I will do it after the meeting with nvidia representative on the qnx issue. Thanks