Second GPU FOr PhysX General Question

Hey all,

I have a ASUS P5N32-E SLI with a GTX 285 in the box and my old 9800GT just lying around collecting dust. I saw a link on’s CUDA info page stating CUDA could be used to have my GTX 285 run as my primary graphics card and have my 9800GT be used as a dedicated PhysX card. My questions:

  1. Is there any link someone could post with general info about this?
  2. Is this option available for use in PhysX enabled PC Games?
  3. Do I need an SLI bride to install the second card and use it with CUDA? or Should I just set the 9800 GT in my second PCI-E slot and turn on the computer?

Basically I’m a PC Gamer curious to know if this can be used to boost PhysX performance in commercial pc games.

Thanks all,


Disclaimer: I don’t know a lot, I haven’t used PhysX and I don’t use Windows … so :)

  • You don’t use SLI, just install the other card. Make sure your power supply can handle both cards!
  • I think you just go to the preferences for the cards, disable PhysX on the GTX 285 and enable it on the 9800GT! That’s it AFAIK.