Secondary NVME drive Install on Jetson Orin NX

Hi There Nvidia admin!

I recently purchased an Orin NX from seeed studio and am trying to set it up where I can have a secondary drive on the Key-E slot along with the Key-M.2 boot slot that my OS is on.

When I plugged it in initially the system would endlessly boot which I thought was caused by the boot order so I restarted and went to the boot menu with that shown below:

          |               Please select boot device:                |
          |UEFI Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB S6S1NS0W307780P 1      |
          |UEFI FORESEE XP1000F128G MML967Q001376 1                 |
          |UEFI HTTPv4 (MAC:48B02DD8DFF0)                           |
          |UEFI PXEv6 (MAC:48B02DD8DFF0)                            |
          |UEFI PXEv4 (MAC:48B02DD8DFF0)                            |
          |UEFI HTTPv6 (MAC:48B02DD8DFF0)                           |
          |Enter Setup                                              |
          |UEFI Shell                                               |
          |                ^ and v to move selection                |
          |               ENTER to select boot device               |
          |                       ESC to exit                       |
  • FORESEE is the drive with my OS
  • Samsung is the auxiliary drive

When booting from the FORSEE drive it did not boot and ended in the same endless boot. I have the updated boot log from serial that will be linked below.

Any help would be appreciated!


I should note that I tried to slow down the drive following this tutorial on your forum and it still did not fix my issue. Not sure how to fix this issue…

Issue has been resolved. Key-E slot conversion works to M.2 for external media.

Re-flash from sdk manager fixed half of the issue with error code:

[  606.788827] pcieport 0001:00:00.0: PCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected, type=Physical Layer, (Receiver ID)
[  606.798728] pcieport 0001:00:00.0:   device [10de:229e] error status/mask=00000001/0000e000
[  606.807327] pcieport 0001:00:00.0:    [ 0] RxErr 

Is a result of an electrical contact issue from the conversion cable that was used. Fixing the conversion cable fixed the remainder of the problems that where occurring.

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