Sekonix SF3324 camera driver code to compile with Jetpack 4.4 on the Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier kernel

I have a Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier and wish to use a Sekonix SF3324 camera with it, I looked on to get the kernel driver codes and its says to contact a NVIDIA Representative. May I check who to contact to get the sources for the kernel? And how would I compile them?

Or is there another way to use the Sekonix SF3324 cameras on an Nvidia Jetson AGX Xaiver?

The source should be own by ECON.
Not sure if they can provide the source or not.
Will have e-con to check this topic.

Sorry, Please ignore my previous comment. Looks like the module is for the auto driver not l4t.
The driver arch for auto driver is totally different with l4t all of the driver for auto driver system are userspace driver instead of kernel driver for sensor. It’s could be a problem to integrate it to l4t system.

Would it be possible to integrate Sekonix SF3324 cameras with an Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier, using a driver for the Sekonix GMSL 1 camera and implement it with our kernel?

And do you provide the drivers for the Sekonix cameras used this way?

Or how could we use the Sekonix SF3324 cameras with an Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier?

Hi sean1774,

The Sekonix SF3324 camera is not in the Camera partner product list, it seems for DRIVE AGX platform only. All relevant changes are not integrated and supported at current Jetson platform. You may need to contact with vendor for the support directly.