Selecting a Configuration for Autonomous Navigation Error

Device: Nova Orin Developer Kit
Camera: 3 Owl monocular cameras + 3 Hawk stereo cameras
Extra Info:
1. Use this script “nova_preflight_checker -v” to check the sensors ----> all passed
2. Follow tutorial from “Run all Sensors on the Nova Orin Developer Kit” to visualize the sensor
outputs ------> both stereo/monocular camera images are normal

Script: ros2 launch nova_developer_kit_bringup stereo_camera_configuration:=front_configuration

file ‘’ was not found in the share directory of package ‘nova_developer_kit_bringup’ which is at ‘/opt/ros/humble/share/nova_developer_kit_bringup’

Hi @1471131969

It looks like the error is indicating that the “nova_developer_kit_bringup” package is missing.

Please follow the documentation: Getting Started — isaac_ros_docs documentation

Let me know if fix your issue.


Can not find in nova_developer_kit_bringup folder

Hi! Please try ros2 launch nova_developer_kit_bringup stereo_camera_configuration:=front_configuration

I cant get data infos by using this script:“ros2 launch nova_developer_kit_bringup stereo_camera_configuration:=front_configuration”. Do these two scripts have the same functionality?

Do you mean no ROS topics are published when you launch this file? Could you please share terminal logs after launching this example?

Hi, Please refer to following tutorials to create navigation python launch file for nova orin devkit.