Sending Serial (RX-TX) data from Jetson Nano to Arduino

Hello, String data sent from Jetson nano to Arduino nano over serial (RX-TX) is being sent incorrectly. Encode problem. Are there any solution suggestions?

Source codes and connection screenshots are attached.

ArduinoCode and Python Code

Arduino Serial Logs:

Jetson nano to Arduino Serial Connections

Just a general statement, I can’t help with the specific hardware.

If data is faster than 115200, then you will need two stop bits.

If wires are long, then you will need twisted pair, preferably shielded (I use ethernet cable for this sometimes).

If the stop bits are different on each side, then you will see what looks like corruption, but it is really just each side having a different idea on which bits are data versus other. Both sides should be checked to make sure they are operating with the same specs.

Sometimes if one side has data going through, but not the other, it is because CTS/RTS flow control is enabled on only one side.

Loopback testing is a very good initial test. Just jumper TX and RX of one side together (and optionally CTS/RTS if using flow control). Then use a serial terminal and see if typing echos correctly. A loopback device has the advantage that it will always agree with itself as to terminal settings. If each side individually can self-echo and if you know the terminal is set to the same thing, then when two devices come together and fail it tends to mean something other than settings are the cause.

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hello komecoglu.yavuz,

please note that, the default baudrate settings is 115200/8n1,
you may have a try to stop the nvgetty service for verification.

$ systemctl stop nvgetty systemctl disable nvgetty

please also check Topic 81352 and Topic 81583 for reference.