Separate card for display Do you need it?

I’m currently running CUDA just with one 8800gtx in one machine, and it works just fine.

Reading the forum though, seems like some people uses 8800gtx only as a computation device, and have another video card for display.

Is there any advantage in doing this? more available memory i guess?

The main reason people do this is to work around the watchdog timer, which limits maximum kernel execution time to around 5 seconds.

See Question 23 in the FAQ: "What is the maximum kernel execution time? "

I have an NVIDIA graphics card as the primary display and I use RealVNC to access it. I am able to run kernels that take as long as 9.26 seconds. I am not seeing any problems.

At the same time, I have also seen the watch dog timer kicking around after 4:00 secs when my (bad) kernels hang…

So, Is VNC actually saving my watchdog from firing when the kernel is working fine ? I have NOT connected any monitor to my NVIDIA 8800 GTX. Its primarly accessed by VNC.

I use a WIndowx XP box with CUDA 1.1

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