Serial console about TX2NX and NX

Hello,I have additional questions about the content of the link.
Continuing the discussion from About a / b Bootloader:

Q1. Does the serial console indicate the debug port (UART # 2)?

Q2. Is a message output to the serial console when a Cboot error occurs? Or do I need to check the registers from the debug port?

Q3. If you get an error message, can you tell me the characters?

Q4. In Xavier NX and TX2 NX, can I judge from the debug port when failing before Cboot (MB1, MB2)?

hello sakata-s,

please access Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide, you may refer to [Figure 12-5. Jetson Xavier NX UART Connections].
it’s using pin-203/pin-205 for serial console communications by default.
so, the serial console means the UART general, the UART-1 to transmit/receive the logs.

it’ll output logs no matter its error logs or information logs, there’s an index to indicate the log types,
for example,
I> means the information; W> to indicate warning logs, and E> shows an error logs.

[0000.335] I> Default Heap @ [0xd486400 - 0xd48a400]
[0000.336] E> DEVICE_PROD: Invalid value data = 70020000, size = 0.
[0000.342] W> device prod register failed

following above, you’ll the the error logs in the serial console.

it depends on the failure, normally it should report the errors before problematic.

Thank you for reply.
Regarding Q1, it is said that you connect to UART-1 to check the bootloader log, but for what purpose is UART-2 used? Devkit’s J14 pin is connected to UART-2.
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hello sakata-s,

please check [Figure 12-5. Jetson Xavier NX UART Connections], it’s debug UART.
for Jetson Xavier NX, it’s pin-3 and pin-4 respectively for UART Receive and Send of J14,
pin-3 and pin-4 were UART2_TXD,UART2_RXD / UART3_TX,UART3_RX =pin 236,238, the port is mapping to ttyTHS2.

Thank you for reply.
Are the debug UART and bootloader logs different ports?

hello sakata-s,

Xavier series using combine uart, bootloader and kernel logs dump into general uart port.
please consider debug UART as another port to check the board info, thanks

Thank you for reply. For Jetson Nano, is the boot loader log output from UART2 (Debug port)?

hello sakata-s,

no, that’s the same. UART2 used for debug purpose.
it’s pin-203/205 for UART-1 routed to 40-pin expansion header on DevKit to output console logs, i.e. bootloader and also kernel logs.
please also check Nano’s product design guide for reference,

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