Jetson nx serial port

请教一下jetson nx 套件的载板,上面除了调试串口,还有额外通信用的串口么,如果有,该怎么接线,同时需要做什么配置么?
Please consult the carrier board of Jetson NX kit. Is there any additional serial port for communication besides debugging serial port? If so, how to connect and what configuration should be made at the same time

Pls in English.

Anyway, if you are looking for an UART on the JNX,
refer following 40-pin header layouts:

Debuuging ports locates at [J14] on the devkit.

I konw debug serial port at 40P is 6 8 10,but I want to know the serial port is only used as a communication serial port, Which pins are they,at the same time I know the 40P ,if you konw the problem I described, please say it detailed, thank you very much!

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