Setting up CUDA linking issues

So i’m new to cuda and VS, i’m just starting a project for my university. I followed all the steps in other threads (build rules, adding to ‘additional libraries’) and tried compiling a new project ‘image’ which is basically ‘matrixmul’ from the samples. individually, the different parts of the source code compile, but when i try to debug/run the solution i get the following error. I think the problem is because i’ve put all the files (CUDA SDK and CUDA in my z drive on the server), i followed all the steps but it still isnt working. The original sample projects work perfect. My project compiled, though I had to add cutil32D.dll to the directory where my .exe file was - any better way to solve this? and though the program runs, it complains about not having debug information or something :S

And can some one suggest how i would go about processing images in CUDA, should i load images as textures or arrays for example? (I’m new to everything)

External Image