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I’m currently facing a connectivity challenge and would greatly appreciate your expertise in resolving it. Here’s the situation:

I own an Android tablet and a Jetson Orin NX device running Ubuntu. My goal is to connect the tablet to the Jetson Orin NX via a USB/USB-C cable and achieve the following functionalities simultaneously and automatically without any additional manipulation by the user:

Charge Tablet from Device (Default Behavior): I’d like the tablet to draw power from the Jetson Orin NX, which is the default behavior when connected via USB.

Access to Internet Connection from Device: It would be fantastic if I could share the Jetson Orin NX’s internet connection with my tablet. This could prove useful for various applications and services on the tablet.

Access to Device File System from Tablet: Simultaneously, I’m looking to access the file system of the Jetson Orin NX directly from my tablet.

I need advice on how to achieve this multifunctional setup. If you’ve successfully configured a similar connection or have insights into the necessary configurations on the Android tablet and Jetson Orin NX, please share your knowledge.

Any information, tutorials, or suggestions on the steps involved, required software/tools, and potential challenges would be immensely helpful. I’m eager to learn from your experiences and make this connectivity setup a reality.

Thanks a ton in advance for your assistance!

The three behaviors may not work together. It should be like:

  1. Charge Tablet from Device (Default Behavior): Orin NX runs in host mode
  2. Access to Internet Connection from Device: Orin NX runs in device mode
    Android USB tethering not working
  3. Access to Device File System from Tablet: Orin NX runs in device mode
    On tablet, you can run $ ssh USER@ to login Orin NX

Orin NX can run in either host mode or device mode.

Thank you for your reply and information

If I understood correctly how to switch modes from host to device (configuration of usb ports in the tree). Then one port can work in host mode and charge the device, and the second port can work in device mode and provide access to the file system and internet from Orin to the tablet. Is it right?

It should be either in host mode or device more like:

tablet as host ↔ Orin NX as device
tablet as device ↔ Orin NX as host

It cannot be device mode and host mode in connecting to the tablet.

The case you describe should be working like

tablet as host ↔ Orin NX as device; Orin NX as host ↔ device-mode-only device

Orin NX is in device mode in connecting to tablet, and host mode in connecting to USB pendrive, mouse, or keyboard.

sounds promising, maybe there is a guide on hand on how I can configure this?

For device mode you might find this of interest:

For host mode you’d be developing drivers.

For using Orin NX module + Orin Nano carrier board, you can connect device-mode-only device to either type-A port. And connect to the tablet through type-C port.

guys, thanks for the answers.

I guess I didn’t convey well what I needed to do and there was a misunderstanding. In fact I needed to do reverse tethering, which I successfully solved with the gnirehtet utility

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