Shorter I2C Read/Write Delays

I am using the Jetson Nano 2GB to communicate to devices using I2C. I would like to read from the devices very fast (target is about 3 I2C read per millisecond, where a read is 3 bytes long).

I am currently operating at a 400kHz I2C speed, which should allow for about 400 bits transmitted per millisecond. I would only need about 72 bits (3 r/w * 8 bits * 3 transactions) transmitted per millisecond, so 400kHz should be sufficient. The problem I am seeing is the delay in between I2C transactions.

I have tried pylibi2c, which had about a 1ms delay between writes (My scope didn’t have enough memory to see the read delay and still trigger properly).
I have also tried pyi2c, which had about a 6ms delay between writes.

Does anyone know of a way to shorten/remove these delays? For writing its no problem as I can just send a bunch of data at once, but for reads with an internal address it’s a bit harder).

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Are you able confirm if i2cget/i2cwrite get the same result?

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