SIGGRAPH Sizzle Reel Opportunity

We have an exciting opportunity to contribute to our NVIDIA RTX highlight reel that will are planning to release for SIGGRAPH! The video will showcase the incredible capabilities of our NVIDIA RTX platform solutions for professionals.

While this video will be created for SIGGRAPH, the goal is to continue sharing it at industry and customer events. Please let me know if there are any guidelines on how and where we can show your contribution.

The deadline for submitting your video is Friday, June 2nd. Thanks for your consideration to be part of this exciting showcase for SIGGRAPH.

If you are interested, please send the video link along with below details to me via email:

Format to submit video clips:

  • Resolution: Minimum of 1920x1080, higher res UHD or 4K is preferred
  • Frame rate: 29.97/30 or 59.94/60 fps, progressive
  • Video file type/Container type: QuickTime or MXF (.mov or .mxf file extensions)
  • QuickTime Codecs: ProRes 422 HQ or ProRes 4444 XQ (XQ codec is ideal)
  • MXF Codecs: Avid DNxHR 444 or Avid DNxHR HQX (444 codec is ideal)

Kindly include the following details with your submission:

  1. Which NVIDIA RTX solution was used?
  2. What software do you use?
  3. Do you use rendering software? If yes, answer questions below:

What is the rendering performance increase with NVIDIA RTX compared to previous gen?

Describe how RTX accelerates ray tracking in your pipeline?

What is the GPU rendering advantage over CPU rendering from pre-vis through final frames?

How did/will the use of RTX reduce your time and cost on a production?

Do you use AI accelerated software? If yes, answer questions below:

What part of your workflow is accelerated with AI?

Describe how AI accelerates your workflow as compared to before AI-augmented tools were available.

How did/will the use of RTX and AI-augmented tools and applications reduce time and cost for your projects & programs?

Do you use virtual/augmented reality? If yes, answer questions below:

Describe how you use virtual/augmented reality in your workflow.

How did/will the use of NVIDIA RTX and virtual/augmented reality reduce time and cost or provide other benefits for your projects & programs

Do you use multiple displays beyond just multiple displays for your desktop (i.e., beyond just using multiple displays to give you more screen real estate on your desktop)? If yes, answer questions below:

Do you use ultra-high-resolution displays or projectors?

Describe how multi-display technology is used as part of your workflow

Do you use or require multi-GPU synchronization for your multi-display solutions?

How did/will the use of multi-display benefit your work?

Content Submissions Due: Friday, June 2nd

We appreciate your time and contribution to this project. Should you have any further questions or require clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out via email or Discord (edmendi).