Simulated GMSL camera input for Hardware-In-the-Loop testing


I would like to feed simulated camera stream from a PC to the GMSL camera input of the PX2. Is this something someone has done before? Any suggestions?

I’ve obtained an HDMI to GMSL converter (MAX9291), but I’m not sure how to set up a camera configuration file to make it work with PX2.

Thanks in advance!


Dear gabor5ie3g,

This topic you mentioned is DRIVE SIM related question.
We will check your topic. Thanks.


I’m doing something similar. I’m converting an HDMI to a serialized stream to a parallel stream for ingestion on an FPGA, performing fault inject and then it back out using a 9271 serializer to be ingested by the Drive PX 2. Besides the camera config file questions, I also have questions on the RCCB mosaicking as I can’t find any information on that mosaic. My GTS skills are failing me.

Do we have access to the Driveworks demosaicing code so I can reverse engineer RCCB manipulation or perhaps find more information? Also, is there any further information on setting up the camera config to utilize something besides the cameras?