Drive PX2 - Send video out through GMSL display out to another PX2

Is is possible to stream a video out through GMSL display out on one PX2 to another PX2 to simulate a camera?

Dear @daniel.gunnarsson,
My apologies for missing this post. Could you tell more details on your use case. You want to transfer camera image captured from one PX2 another?

Dear @daniel.gunnarsson,
Could you provide any update?

Hi. What I would like to do is to “play” a video on one Drive PX/AGX and stream it out through gmsl to another Drive PX/AGX where we can perform inference on the stream. In other words, basically use a PX/AGX as a fake Camera, where we can replay a log file

So the question boiled down is. Can you stream out gmsl from a Drive PX2/AGX?

Dear @daniel.gunnarsson,
In your use case, you have to capture camera data using DW/NVmedia API and send to another PX2/AGX via socket programming for interprocess communication.

Ok. So not possible to output the data though gmsl then?

Dear @daniel.gunnarsson,
You can not directly access gmsl camera data from another DRIVE PX2. On first PX2, you have go capture data and send to second PX2 via network. To capture cameda frame, hou may use Nvmedia/DW API. Please check gmsl camera samples in DW.
Unfortunately, we dont have sample to demonstrate your use case.