Drive PX2 GStreamer pipeline for GMSL camera


Is there a sample pipline for capturing a frame from one of the gmsl cameras with gstreamer?
We are using Drive PX2 with Ubuntu 16.04 and Beta 1.0.

Thanks for any help.

FYI, I tried the same thing, but it failed.

Hello tinokl & Rock11,

You can refer to sample gmsl camera which shows you how the SAL for camera is setup. There is initialization phase, data consumption and then clean up.

Initialization and clean up is a one off process whereas data consumption (i.e. *getFrame) is iterative and can be a blocking or non blocking call (configurable timeout). So yes theoretically you can get a single frame and then quit the data acquisition loop (if that is what you are asking). Thanks.

hi steve,

i saw the example but was curious about a simple gstreamer pipeline.
Did something change since the last PDK update, so this is maybe possible now?

At the moment I am working on a gmsl camera wrapper (cpp) for ros but its not very easy to find all required libs. (Linking with driveworks etc…)