Connecting 2 Nvidia Drive PX2 PCs to 1 GMSL camera

Dear Sir/Mdm,

We purchased several units of the LI-AR0231 - GMSL camera to be used with Navidia Drive PX2.
My question is this, is it possible to connect 2 Nvidia Drive PX2 PCs to 1 GMSL camera such that both PX2 is able to use to same GMSL input data?
Can this be implemented by any means? I am not sure if GMSL signal can be splited and send to TWO end devices…

Thank you for your attention …

Hi Al-AMR,
In DrivePX2, a single GSML input data can be used by both Tegra A and Tegra B. To allow this, you have to keep one of Tegra in slave mode. Please check if this serves your purpose.

I am interested to know how can we pipe one GMSL camera link into two units of PX2?

Is it possible to split one GMSL signal that goes into two PX2 units?

Hi chee007,
You can connect a GSML camera to one PX2 and you can use IPC/socket programming to stream the data to another PX2.