Simulation only running once

Hey there,

I am new to running a simulation with Isaac Sim, so I got the following question.

I have created a script to randomize an object in Isaac Sim. Images of this object are stored using 2 cameras to generate synthetic data.
For this I have found a minimal example, which is explained in the following link:

When I run the script the first time everything happens as defined in the script.

When I run the script a second time, the simulation and the saved data do not show the loaded object anymore.
My current workaround is to close and restart Isaac Sim after each run of the script.

Adjusting the parameters is therefore only possible in a cumbersome way.

Is there a solution for this problem? How can I run the script several times and adjust the parameters in the script without closing and restarting Isaac Sim?

Thanks in advance,

I am able to reproduce the issue by running the script and have logged the issue.

In the meantime, I’d suggest trying to open a new Stage (File > New) instead of closing and restarting Isaac Sim. I was able to do that and run the script getting the objects output each time.

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