Cannot run synthetic data recorder twice/Physics animation not started

I try to run the synthetic data recorder from Isaac Sim 2022.2.0 using the attached scene.
semantic_test.usd (110.3 KB)

It has a simple rigid body torus falling on a plane.
I add semantic data to the object like this: Semantic type - class, semantic data - donut
In the synthetic data recorder, I add the rgb and bounding box tight writer
I set the number of frames to 100 and run the recorder with ‘start’

Now I have two issues:

  1. After the recorder has finished, I find the images in the output folder, but the animation does not happen. I get 100 identical images of the torus in mid-air.
  2. When I start the recorder again, using a different output directory, it will not write a single file.

Any help appreciated

Hi Bruno - I tested this workflow. In my case, when clicking “Play” the timeline is just moving frame by frame, until the desired number of frames. It can run very slowly in case you have a specific number of RTSubframes so if you don’t need them, you can set it to 0. But I do see the torus being in different positions in the several files.

I did find that sometimes the timeline seems to be working automatically others I have to click Play for it to move. Not exactly sure why. So there seems to be some underlying issues.

In a recent internal build we added a “Control Timeline” checkbox to automatically delegate the start/stop/pause/resume button actions from the Recorder to the timeline as well. This seems to work better for me and should be available soon in the next release. In Isaac 2022.2.0 there is only the Reset Timeline who moves the timeline back to time 0 once stopped

In the meantime - please try to “start” recording and hitting play to see if it can work for you.

@bruno.vetter alternative to record animated / physics bounding box:

Set the RenderVar to BoundingBox2DTight

Use the Movie Capture with the PerspectiveCamera or other you are using

Example of a sequence of images created

I believe, you can also record directly the AOV of the bounding box without changing the viewport, but I think the above is the simplest solution. Does it work for your use-case? Or you need something more elaborate?

Hi Teresa,
unfortunately, I can not get the timeline to move while recording. When I hit “Start”, and after that “Play”, the recording starts capturing, but the timeline does not move and there is no movement in the scene. Only when the recorder finishes, the timeline starts moving.

And the other problem persists. I have to restart Isaac Sim, otherwise the recorder will not capture anything anymore when I hit “Start” again.

I know I can let Omniverse capture frames with bounding boxes drawn. What I need though, is images without bounding boxes, and the bounding boxes coordinates aside from that. One use case for that is that for GTC demo I try to draw more verbose bounding boxes with some text like “human” into the frames. For this I want use a python script that iterates over all frames, reads the bounding box coordinates, and draws into the frames using Pillow or something similar. After that, I can use ffmpeg to make a video with moving bounding boxes.

The problem seems solved in Isaac Sim 2022.2.1

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