Smart Record empty field and easier access to NvDsSRContext (DS 5.0)

Smart Record is awesome. Thanks for adding it. It’s working great for me from two different RTSP sources, and it’s a clever idea to save the H264 stream directly to disk without needing to decode it first (probably buying my Jetson Nano some more fps!). A couple of issues I’ve found:

a) For the callback function (initParams.callback) when the recording ends, I’m finding that the duration field in NvDsSRRecordingInfo is always 0 when my callback function is called. So I’m tracking it myself as a workaround, but you should probably fix that.

b) It’s kinda painful to get to the SR context object (NvDsSRContext) for each source in the pipeline. I had to do some gymnastics to pass NvDsSrcParentBin references for each RTSP source into my custom DS plug-in at the time I’m setting up the GST pipeline. I pass a pointer to them as a gstreamer property of type gpointer. It works, it’s just annoying. I couldn’t find a more efficient way to work through GST or NvBatchMeta to get at all the sources and their SR context objects, but maybe I missed something. So I’m basically doing this on the receiving end in the DS plug-in I wrote:

NvDsSRContext *recordCtx = (NvDsSRContext *)plugin_ctx->initParams.multi_src_bin->sub_bins[frame_meta->source_id].recordCtx;

where plugin_ctx is my DS plugin’s context struct, and I added a field called ‘multi_src_bin’ to it (type NvDsSrcParentBin *). This was the easiest thing I found to pass my DS plug-in after configuring the GST pipeline in the main deepstream-app (reference app).

All that said, why not just attach a link to NvDsSRContext* inside of NvDsFrameMeta? You’ve already got source_id, source_frame_width, and other source-related fields there. Would shortcut a lot of pain! :)

An additional feature request is to allow us to specify the format of the filename a bit more. You allow for a prefix, but I don’t like exactly how the SR plug-in is formatting the timestamp and other aspects of the filename after that. So right now I’m using the callback function to also rename the file, which works. It’s just extra steps I have to do.

My environment:

Jetson Nano
Other versions consistent with JP4.4

+100 on allowing us to specify the filename. The current file name pattern is horrible for searching purposes.

Hi @jasonpgf2a
Sorry for long delay!

This is indentified as a bug, tracking internally ( 200623354).

Will fix in DS GA release.


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