Smart Record for multi stream

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Do SmartRecord support record for multi stream?
Do you need to pass different session ids when recording from different sources? because recording might be started while the same session is actively recording for another source…
I try set sessionId to pass NvDsSRStart for but NvDsSRSessionId is always 0.

Will Smart record has open source in nex release Deepstream 7.0?

The smart recording integrated in deepstreama-app sample support multiple sources. Please refer to DeepStream Reference Application - deepstream-app — DeepStream documentation 6.4 documentation and Smart Video Record — DeepStream documentation 6.4 documentation. You may set the "smart-rec-file-prefix“ parameter to different name with source id, then you can identify the recorded videos by the name.

If you are using the “NvDsSRCreate()” and “NvDsSRStart()” APIs, the API can only records one stream for one context(NvDsSRContext). You need to create different contexts with
“NvDsSRCreate()” for different sources. The " fileNamePrefix" can be set to different names when using “NvDsSRCreate()” for different sources. Then you can identify them.

I try set sessionId to pass NvDsSRStart but value NvDsSRSessionId output is always 0.
What is sessionId ?

Session ID is of no use. Please use context to distinguish the sessions.

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