Soft-RoCE on mininet topology

Hi Team,

On two mininet VMs (on virtual box), I am able to run RDMA client and server and can also send traffic using rping tool. (Using link :- HowTo Configure Soft-RoCE )

Issue -

I have created 1switch 1 host topology on either VMs and connected both switch using GRE tunnel. (Host 1 can ping Host2 and also Host2 can ping Host1).

Now, I would like to make Host1 as RDMA Server and Host2 as RDMA Client, but whenever trying to couple veth with rxe device getting the error “sh: echo: I/O error”.

Can you please suggest on Soft-RoCE working for mininet topology.


Hi Suraj,

Thank you for posting your question on the Mellanox Community.

Based on your information provided (We also noticed your posting on ), currently we do hot have support for running Soft-RoCE on a Mininet topology. Currently we only provided a method of running from a nic-2-nic.

Also please note that Soft-RoCE is still in BETA

We would recommend to post this question on the Mininet Mailings-list as you already did. Maybe somebody from the mailings-list has a solution for this as they need to implement this into the Mininet Framework

Thanks and regards,

~Mellanox Technical Support