[solved] Black screen using nvidia drivers

on a fresh linux mint install on my new laptop, whenever I try to switch to nvidia driver with prime-select I got a black screen. The driver seems to be loaded as nvidia-smi is working. Secure boot is disabled, and I have checked for blacklisted module in /etc/modprobe.d and /lib/modprobe.d.

  • Kernel : 5.15.6
  • Drivers : 470.86

Here is my but report :
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (268.9 KB)

If someone can help, thanks !

edit : ok solved by removing the xorg.conf file and using only a “device” section in it.

I got the same issue with black screen when i entered my username and password. Reporterd the issue 2-3 weeks ago here but no one gaved a solution. The issue is with the 470.86 driver. No issues with 495.44 or 470.83-470.74

I also found alot of info today on another forum